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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

PML N Leader Terms JIT Report International

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PML-N leader terms JIT report international conspiracy

Senior PML-N officials spoke at a press conference Tuesday night to counter political pressure on the ruling party's spokesman. The heart of the PML-N's message is that the Supreme Court-approved Joint Investigation Team (JIT) who investigated the Sharif family business transaction submitted a deficiency report that could be raised in court. One has even reported this report as the result of a broad conspiracy, arguing that unknown actors - some of them being taken abroad. Treasury Secretary Ishaq Dar held a press conference with proposals for redemption to the parties involved. The Supreme Court has paid attention to the media reports on the case yesterday, and we all have to show patience," he said.

The JIT report is not final.

The copies contained in the report are not signed and are requested by the JIT itself to determine whether the Supreme Court has evidence.  The minister also pointed out that the report failed to prove Nawaz Sharif ownership of the overseas company. While our legal team is writing the report, I am working in front of you right now," the finance minister recalled. Dar once again spoke of his experience with JIT and found that on July 3, tax reimbursements from 1981-2002 were not made available to the team by the Federal Bureau of Revenue. I will take disciplinary action against those who do not provide you with the necessary documents and I will send you the papers." He claimed to have told JIT.

I informed the NAB that the taxation officer had seized the tax records from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) after President Musharraf's coup d'etat." NAB said it was your agency and you should find it. I found my tax record and immediately made my return in 2003-7 on the same day.  At 8:55 pm, they were delivered to JIT and received a receipt," he claimed. The finance minister detailed the "enthusiasm" sent to the FBR by finding out old records at NAB's offices in Lahore and Islamabad. Dar began to contradict each of the conclusions of JIT after questioning him, arguing that his property could be tracked and that his statements were appreciated.

I challenge them to be reconciled to my last penny.

The Saad Rafique Railroad Minister heard his microphone by saying that JIT should have presented anything he had about each defendant to the defendants. Also read: PM's assets saw a 'huge impression' during their first term: JIT Report The basic rule of all investigations is that you must present anything about the defendant. The JIT report is based in part on some stories, and the rest is based on making mountains on Mole Hill," he said. I think one more thing, a JIT composed of six people, can not do much for 60 days, even 24 hours a day," Rafique said.

This was a well planned action, and it has been in production for the past year and a half," he insisted. Some of the characters in the Panama drama are pulling strings from outside Pakistan. Rafique later found out that when Nawaz Sharif decided to go for a nuclear explosion he paid for it and likewise when he decided on the "Pakistan Pakistan Economic Corridor" his "international conspiracy" We will pay for it, but some powers do not like it. Someday the game will unfold and we will fight against legitimate battles and political battles.

He also noted that PPP should "see his charpayi" before the party begins to talk about corruption, which promotes false behavior and public perception of wrongful advocacy by Asif Ali Zardari. did. Beginning with Imran Khan, Lafik claimed that Pakistani President Tehreek-i-Insaf has received foreign funds and has not yet explained it to the Election Commission.

I have been speaking since childhood, and I will continue to do so, Lafi said in a clear statement from the Supreme Court, which recently submitted a spokesperson for the Supreme Court. I ask to notify the Supreme Court of the speech of PPP's Aitzaz Ahsan, [PTI's] Imran Khan and [AML's] Sheikh Rashid," he added.

Barrister Zafarullah took a microphone next to "clear the air" for Maryi Nawaz's use of the Calibri font. This font was published for public use for one year after the document was written in JIT's damaged documents.

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi The Low Profile Boss

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Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi the low profile boss of militancy world in Middle East

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was reported to have died again after a "caliphate" crossed the border again on Tuesday, which is not regarded as youthful and most loved by the world. The death of the breathtaking militants was confirmed by top class commanders of the armed forces convened by the Human Rights Watch (ISI) in Syria.

The 46-year-old Iraqi, nicknamed the "ghost," did not appear publicly after delivering a sermon at Mosul's famous Mosque Nuri Mosque in 2014, when he declared himself a "Caliph". His attempts to establish armed forces have faced great frustration since then.

Iraq declared victory over Mosul's armed forces. This defeat led to the collapse of terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Syria has been attacking US-led troops against Raqa, the home of armed forces.

Baghdad has been hurt or rumored several times in the past. When he heard that he was leaving Mosul earlier this year, his whereabouts were never confirmed.


Unlike Osama bin Laden, who killed al Qaeda leader, maintaining a low profile helped Baghdad survive for several years despite winning a $ 25 million prize.

Ibrahim Al Wahd al-Badr became a supreme ruler of the armed forces who dominated millions of people in a humble start. He was born in Samara, northern Baghdad.

His high school record was not enough for the law school and his poor vision, and he could not enter the military. So he moved to Baghdad to study Islam and settled near Tobchi.

In 2003, following the US-led invasion of Iraq, he established his own resistance faction.

But when he was arrested in February 2004 and detained at US camp Bucca, he was still the second or third armed force.


The prison in southern Iraq was where he began to show signs of leadership. He was released at the end of 2004 due to lack of evidence. The Iraqi security forces arrested him twice in 2007 and 2012, but released him because he did not know who he was.

In 2005 he pledged allegiance to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the brutal leader of the local al-Qaeda franchise.

Zarqawi was killed in 2006 by a US unmanned aircraft strike. After his successor was removed, Baghdad was ruled by the group in 2010.

He resurrected the armed Islamic state of Iraq (ISI), declared himself independent of Al Qaeda, expanded to Syria in 2013, and launched a full-scale attack in northern Iraq in 2014.

The rapist

Baghdad grew up in a family divided among faithful religious families and officers in Saddam Hussein's worldly Baath Party.

A few years later, his militant organization had to include the former Bari people, using the suffering felt by many officers since the US decision to disband the Iraqi army in 2003.

This gave his military leadership a personally deficient military justification and formed a solid backbone that combines extreme religious propaganda with ferocious guerrilla efficiency.

Anarchist and average speaker, Baghdad is described by Saja al-Dulaimi, now a wife living in Lebanon, as a good "normal family" for children.

He is thought to be Asma al-Kubaysi from Iraq and Syria, three wives from Iraq and Syria, and recently a wife from Gulf.

He was indicted on repeated rape of girls and women who have been sex slaves, including a teenage boy Yatchie and a later American murderer, Kayla Mueller.

SC Asks Imran To Prove Source Of Money For London Flat

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SC Asks Imran To Prove Source Of Money For London Flat

Kerry Francis Packer, founder of World Series Cricket, helped Jimmy Khan of Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) purchase an apartment on Tuesday, To pay for the document. 1983 London.

Three judges called for Naeem Bokhari, the chief aide to represent the PTI chairman. He proved that there was no document proving that the plane was purchased with the money provided by the Australian media conglomerate who founded Khan's cricket series. I played for a while.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar pointed to Hanif Abbasi, a bench that resumed petitions seeking disqualification of Khan and PTI Secretary General Jahangir Khan Tareen, "the correlation of income earned abroad should be proven." PML-N leaders are seeking to disqualify their assets, the presence of foreign companies, and disqualification of foreign support members.

Hearing of Honib Abbsi's petition demanding disqualification of PTI chairman

Khan used his tax amnesty plan announced by the Musharraf government in 2000 to reveal ownership of his London flat and overseas company Niazi Services Limited (NSL).

Bokhari told the court that the payment from Mr. Packer was mentioned in documents filed by Anwar Mansoor's attorney. He wanted the court to know how Khan had collected money in London when he had no civil servants in Pakistan, and his disclosure was accepted, and there were no questions raised by the tax authorities.

Umar Ata Bandial, a bench judge, asked a lawyer to read the 2012 Abdul Aziz Memorandum case. He then emphasized that the individual is not the owner of the civil servant.

In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that the person who owns assets exceeding the known income source is corrupt.

Senator Muhammad Akram Sheikh, who represents the petitioner, told the court that the scope of amnesty in 2000 addressed only tax liabilities and that the virtues of Sadiq and Ameen in Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution Elected representatives or all citizens.

The court also went abroad without informing of the general recess until August 15, but complained about the absence of Mansu.

The chief justice informed the court that he would return on July 21, but regretted that he had sought a recess until August 15.

Chief Justice Bokhari told the court that Mr. Instead of Mansoor, he told Khan to let him know who would represent the PTI.

Bokhari explained that although Mansoor answered the response of the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP), the chief justice found out that he had to contest the case.

The Faisal Arab judge also said that this was not happening in the trial court and that the counselor should not take casual action.

The Arab judge asked if the Pakistani Cricket Board had paid Khan the cost of taxation, but at that time the cricket players did not play much compared to nowadays, but his older brother played Rs15 a day for PCB regeneration.

In the course of the trial, Chief Justice Bandier also wondered why taxpayers should be punished if the non-claimant could easily escape.

"That's why no one wants to get tax deductions," the judge said.

After acknowledging that Bokhari is not proficient in tax law, Asim Zulfikar, a certified public accountant who assisted the court, said the taxpayers could ask the tax authorities to file a 10-year return. The procedure can be started later.

President Zulpari also acknowledged that honest taxpayers should pay 35 percent, but the amnesty system has eliminated all tax liabilities and waived property tax requirements.

He explained that Pakistani residents who stayed in Pakistan for 183 days of 365 days a year would have to pay taxes on income earned at home and abroad, while non-residents would only pay taxes. Income earned here.

Referring to Advocate Ibrahim Satti, who appeared on behalf of the ECP, Vice-President Vandiar argued that when the Commission brought in individuals at the age of twenty, they were forced to raise suspicions of discrimination and to create games on an equal footing.

"ECP can not rely on some organizations to pay attention to foreign government funding or improper donations," he said again over the past few years that ECP was asleep.

JIT Says PM Couldn’t ‘Satisfactorily Answer

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JIT says PM couldn’t ‘satisfactorily answer most of the questions’

The Joint Investigations Team (JIT), who investigated claims of money laundering that Nawaz Sharif was unable to answer most questions satisfactorily while running for June 15, was found by Nawaz Sharif.

The JIT report submitted to the Supreme Court on Monday said he was "avoiding, speculative and uncooperative."

The report said, "He was generally avoidant and seemed to have no mind during the interview." The main part of the statement was based on "rumors". He remained speculative, speculative, and sometimes uncooperative while writing his statement before the JIT, "the team 's statement said.

Edit: From JIT to NAB

He was "trying to reveal most of the questions" in response to Sharif's indefinite response or "I do not remember on the face to hide facts".

Sharif notes that his assets are subject to income tax return,

In a statement to the JIT, the prime minister elaborated on his early life, details of his political advancement, and his position in 30 years of political career.

He argued that the assets he owns, owns or acquires are "fully reflected in the income tax return and property balance sheet."

"I did not own, own, or acquire assets or profits other than those mentioned in the income tax return and negative reconciliation statement.

But he informed JIT that he was the first shareholder and / or director at one or more companies established by his late father in Pakistan. But about 30 years, "I have not moved from such a company. Anyway, since 1985, I have not been actively involved in the business of these companies."

"I became a finance minister in 1981. I have not supervised any company since 1981, but I may have been a director of some companies, but I dismantled the relationship with all businesses in 1998," he said. It is true that if it means being released, it is not related to the business function, but it is not related to the management function: the financial interest of the company, and how can you live if you get away from financial interests? "

London Apartments
He talked about London real estate and stayed in Avenfield apartments in 1989 and 1990s. "I knew that Hussain and Hassan, who were studying in London, were living in the apartment, and all the expenses associated with their stay were met by the money the father paid. I know it is widely known but I do not know whether to pay the rent.Hussain has dealt with this problem and I know it best.I knew it was an agreement made by Al Thani and my father.But I do not know how the bearer certificate was transferred "

Sharif said he did not comment on JIT's investment between the Qatari family and his father, but said it is clear when the time comes.

As for his Guardian report, which Avenfield apartments were purchased for Hassan and Hussain in 2000 when he studied in London, "My response is that sometimes these things are said because of lack of knowledge," he said.

As for the tremendous money that his son Hussein had produced, he said in a statement: "I have no problem with the fact that my son Hussein sent me money to present it as a gift or to present my gift to my daughter Maryam. Sent via bank channel. "

Here are the questions asked by the JIT and the Prime Minister's answers.

Q: I mentioned in your speech that all records related to Azizia and Gulf Steel are available, but later your attorney stated that there is no such record in the Supreme Court. Could you explain this contradiction?

A: I'm not sure. Maybe you left a record for the speaker, but I'm not sure about this.

Q: During the case of Gulf Steel and Azizia, I told the Supreme Court of Pakistan that I support all opinions submitted by Respondents 6, 7, and 8. Did you personally see what you submitted to the Supreme Court? Pakistan or your knowledge based on family discussion?

A: I have not seen any submissions, and knowledge is based on family discussions, but I support everything they submit.

Q: Are there any other documents besides the documents I brought today?

A: There are no more documents to produce. We have provided all the documents we already have.

Speculations About PM’s Successor: Shahbaz Seems To

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Speculations about PM’s successor: Shahbaz seems to tread cautiously

Shabab Sharif The focus was on Prime Minister Shunbaz Sharif of Punjab. He discussed the situation of the Joint Investigation Group (JIT) report, attending a loyal and political meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Shahbaz, who is believed to have avoided prosecution in the JIT report, is a big Sharif out of criticism of the family where antagonists and media analysts are released. He is now being reinforced as an "important player" in the Sharif family when the prime minister and his children make a dispute in the case of the Panamanian newspaper.

Shahbaz Sharif treats cards very carefully. He stood with his brother at a time of crisis and at the same time he had contact with important people. "Says PML-N leader who will remain anonymous with his political interests.

"There was a lot of discussion about the possibility that Shabaz would replace Nawat if Shawas disqualified Nabaroz, who would be responsible for Punjab if Shahbaz was moved to the center. Even if you plan to go higher in the center, you will never loose Punjab, but you will have to do a lot of maneuvering to keep Punjab safe, says his son Hamza Shahbaz.

"But the big question is whether the PML-N leadership blindly trusts Shahbaz and allows him to play a role in the center in the absence of Nawaz or to choose someone else in the party (until 2018, If you need elections in the year, or do you have other choices, "he says.

According to one legal point of view, Shahbaz is approaching a lawyer who can be defamed to protect the Nawaz Sharif and openly challenge the judiciary, and is taking a cautious path to protect Nawaz and his children. Foreign equity revealed by the Panamanian newspaper.

Shahbaz and Hamza accompanied Nawaz to the complex in Islamabad, where JIT quizzed the prime minister. But Punjab and his son did not accompany Maryam, Hussain or Hasan in the same place before JIT.

"Shahbaz and Hamza will not be at the forefront this time to defend the prime minister and his children on charges of equaling them through JIT reports," PML-N leader said, referring to the political movements.

Malik Ahmad Khan, a Punjab government spokesman, shrugged off the impression that Shahbaz Sharif was "quiet" after the JIT report was submitted to the Supreme Court. "There is no truth in the impression that the pastor does not publicly defend his brother. The Sharif family will fight against this incident and succeed.

PML-N quickly dismisses the disagreement between Nawaz and Shahbaz's family. There was a series of rebutts as Sharif's magnificent old house followed rumors of some sort of disagreement about the successors of the current leadership. But speculation continued, and the latest JIT prosecution

Plenty At Stake As Big Three Eye Semi-Finals

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Defending champion Andy Murray will be in first place in the Wimbledon semifinals on Wednesday and Roger Federer will be out of the game with Novak Djokovic catching a shoulder injury.

Adding a special spice to Wednesday's drama is raising concerns about the state of the famous English club Central Court. According to Djokovic, a hole was created.

Murray faces Sam Querrey, who has played a big role in the eighth Wimbledon semi-final over the past nine years.

The world number one ranking went into the tenth consecutive quarter-finals of the tournament and advanced to the quarter-finals in 24 out of 26 games.

He leads Querrey 7-1 with the only victory of a 29-year-old American in Los Angeles seven years ago.

Murray also won the previous set in Wimbledon in the fourth round of 2010.

However, the two champions will not underestimate a player who knocked out Joe Kovic in the third round 12 months ago.

"Sam likes the condition, it's definitely a big service," he said. Murray has spent eight years in spite of his worries about hip injuries. "When he hits a forehand, he's a very dangerous player."

Querrey went to the quarter-finals in 2016 and was defeated by Milos Raonic, second in the fourth set.

He needed two sets of five-match matches to watch the last eight of France's 12th seeds, Jo Wilfried Tsonga and Kevin Anderson.

Querrie sent 99 ace after Rafael Nadal's conqueror, Gilles Muller.

With Nadal out of the picture, Murray will be the world's number one win on Wednesday.

Federer will be on course for the record eighth victory when he attempts to advance to the 12th Wimbledon semi-final and face Raonic.

The 35-year-old Swiss star, however, has proven that Federer will be the last game of his last season, guarding the sixth seed Canada in the semi-finals of 2016.

Federer drove the Raonic 9-3 to a head-to-head meeting and set the 50th Grand Slam quarter-finals without dropping the set.

"I did not have the toughest games, I can look at this quarterfinal in a totally relaxed way, knees last season and I will not fight physically." Federer worked hard to become the oldest champion in the open era .

Raonic, who was second in Murray last year, bid for the third time to advance to the semifinals.

But although Federer did not drop the set, the big Canadians needed five sets to see the high-class Alexander Zverev in the last 16 games.

Djokovic renewed his 25-2 record in the semifinals against Federer to Tomas Berdych at 11th place in the Czech Republic.

The second seed, Djokovic, needed a medical timeout to cure an old right shoulder injury in a clash with the 16th Adrian Mannarino.

He also insisted that a hole was opened in the Center Court service line.

"The court is not good this year - I played in a better court," Djokovic said.

Berdych has not won Djokovic since 2013, but seven years ago the Czech won against Serbia in Wimbledon in the semi-finals of the Nadal runners-up.

Another tie of the day, 34-year-old Müller, made his maiden appearance during the last eight years after knocking Nadal down.

The only Grand Slam quarter-finals of the Luxembourg players came in 2008, when he lost to US Open Federer.

He chased the last eight opponents, Marin Cilic, 2-0, but he did well in the grass this summer and after s-Hertogenbosch, he made his way from Queen's Cilic to the semi-finals.

Cilic, a US Open champion in 2014, has been in the quarter-finals for four consecutive years.

He has lost eight times each in the last three years. In 2014 and 2015, he fell to Djokovic and Federer went ahead 2-0.

We Asked The Creator Of Calibri To Weigh In On

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We asked the creator of Calibri to weigh in on the JIT debate

Queries sent to de Groot via his company LucasFonts were answered by Lieselotte Schäfer, company representative.

"As we discussed with Lucas, we can tell you about the Calibri launch date: Lucas started the Calibri design in 2002 and sent the final source file to Microsoft before March 2004.

LucasFont has released a beta version of the Microsoft Vista operating system, codenamed Longhorn, but LucasFont says, "The initial Windows Beta is a programmer and tech monster that has some effect, "

"There would have been a serious effort that would have been achieved if the file size of such an operating system grew," he added. The beta version of this software is likely to raise questions about whether the draft was used by the drafting person. To Maryam Nawaz.

"As far as I know, the first public beta of Calibri was published in 2006. The exact date of this release date is unknown, but it is almost impossible to copy fonts in the [beta] environment. "He added.

According to the Wikipedia entry, the first public beta version was released on June 6, 2006, four months after Maryam Nawaz signed it.

The statement of LucasFont weighs because the beta version of the software is incomplete and the testing phase. Only people with special interests in computer software usually subscribe to their use. This is because we have a number of undiscovered flaws that can potentially stop us at any time.

"Office 2007 was officially the first product to use Calibri on a large scale," email continues. On November 30, 2006, Volume Licensing customers (resellers) became available and became retail on January 30, 2007, the same as the release date of Windows Vista. "

A separate email, de Groot (font designer), theoretically said that although Calibri could be used to create documents in 2006, the fonts should come from the beta operating system. Computer Odd ".

"Why are you using fonts that are not completely known in 2006 for official documents?" He kept asking questions.

"If you are a font enthusiast who uses Calibri to use the new Calibri, you should be able to prove that another document was printed in Calibri in 2006," he wrote.

De Groot thought that the document signed by Maryam Nawaz was "much later when Calibri was the default font in MS Word."

Forensic experts involved in the JIT were basically the same reasoning that was not used in the official document in 2006 because they were not publicly available before January 31, 2007, but fonts were circulated before and doubts about Maryam Nawaz I had no choice.

Among them was Barrister Zafarullah Khan, who seemed to mock the opinions of forensic experts Tuesday night at a press conference. In his brief conversation, Khan scoffed at those who insisted, "Find Google and confirm what was announced in August 2004".

There were indications that the Wikipedia entry for the Calibri font was repeatedly changed to reflect a similar claim until Wikipedia itself until July 18, or until "Editorial disputes were resolved" until Wikipedia itself pending editing.