Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Call For Replacing US Troops In Afghanistan With Contractors

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Key Trump is seeking to replace Afghanistan 's US troops with private military contractors, the US media reported on Tuesday.

Raymond Davis murdered two Pakistani civilians in Lahore in 2011 and recently announced the case, a civilian military contractor who worked in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The New York Times reported that at least two advisers, including Jared Kushner, son-in-law of US President Donald Trump, had spoken with other senior members of the Trump Administration.

The report said on Saturday that Stephen Bannon, the chief advisor to the US Defense Department's US Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, tried to hear his ideas.

"Mattis listened to polite statements, but refused to include external strategies in his Afghan policy review, adding that he is reviewing Afghanistan's policy and leading it with Chief of National Security Adviser H. McMaster.

The idea was an invention of two people who spent millions of dollars to send militia to American wars. One of them, Erik Prince, has established a private security company, Blackwater, and Blackwater has a major presence in Pakistan.

Others behind the idea Stephen Feinberg is a finance company that owns another private company, DynCorp International, which provides security and operational support to the US military and specializes in information education and emergency operations.

The US media reported that Kushner and Bannon had recruited two private defense contractors to propose an Afghanistan plan that would minimize US losses in countries devastated by war.

The press approached President Trump to see if Bannon was interested in dispatching a private contractor since he authorized the defense minister to determine the size and nature of US deployments in Afghanistan.

Mattis said in a news briefing last month that the Pentagon will finalize the plan for stabilizing Afghanistan and submit it to the White House soon. US generals said that in order to win the war against the Taliban and other militant groups, Washington would have to substantially strengthen its military presence in Afghanistan.

However, the White House and the Pentagon continue to emphasize what the White House will do in the longest war in the United States, "the White House reported in the Pentagon.

"This proposal has caused a split between President Trump and his advisors, raising doubts about potential conflicts of interest," the critic said.

The New York Times writes, "A very unusual meeting between Bannon and Mattis is amalgamating the division between General Trump and his political staff in Afghanistan.

The meeting also stressed "the length of time that his aides can give more options to his boss and the White House is ready to reach out to businesspeople to help diplomatic and military matters."

However, according to a report by the US Congressional Research Service in 2016, civilian logistics contractors in Afghanistan accounted for three times more than US troops, raising doubts about the ongoing war and its role in surveillance.

It shows the number of contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan until 2007. The Pentagon has spent more than $ 220 billion on various services and support for contractors in two war zones.

Statistics show that the number of nonmilitary military workers has continued to increase since the middle of 2011 to a greater extent than the US military in Afghanistan. However, the proportion of the two groups is steadily expanding to reduce the role of armed military personnel in countries where administrative authorities have been destroyed by war.

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