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JIT Says PM Couldn’t ‘Satisfactorily Answer

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JIT says PM couldn’t ‘satisfactorily answer most of the questions’

The Joint Investigations Team (JIT), who investigated claims of money laundering that Nawaz Sharif was unable to answer most questions satisfactorily while running for June 15, was found by Nawaz Sharif.

The JIT report submitted to the Supreme Court on Monday said he was "avoiding, speculative and uncooperative."

The report said, "He was generally avoidant and seemed to have no mind during the interview." The main part of the statement was based on "rumors". He remained speculative, speculative, and sometimes uncooperative while writing his statement before the JIT, "the team 's statement said.

Edit: From JIT to NAB

He was "trying to reveal most of the questions" in response to Sharif's indefinite response or "I do not remember on the face to hide facts".

Sharif notes that his assets are subject to income tax return,

In a statement to the JIT, the prime minister elaborated on his early life, details of his political advancement, and his position in 30 years of political career.

He argued that the assets he owns, owns or acquires are "fully reflected in the income tax return and property balance sheet."

"I did not own, own, or acquire assets or profits other than those mentioned in the income tax return and negative reconciliation statement.

But he informed JIT that he was the first shareholder and / or director at one or more companies established by his late father in Pakistan. But about 30 years, "I have not moved from such a company. Anyway, since 1985, I have not been actively involved in the business of these companies."

"I became a finance minister in 1981. I have not supervised any company since 1981, but I may have been a director of some companies, but I dismantled the relationship with all businesses in 1998," he said. It is true that if it means being released, it is not related to the business function, but it is not related to the management function: the financial interest of the company, and how can you live if you get away from financial interests? "

London Apartments
He talked about London real estate and stayed in Avenfield apartments in 1989 and 1990s. "I knew that Hussain and Hassan, who were studying in London, were living in the apartment, and all the expenses associated with their stay were met by the money the father paid. I know it is widely known but I do not know whether to pay the rent.Hussain has dealt with this problem and I know it best.I knew it was an agreement made by Al Thani and my father.But I do not know how the bearer certificate was transferred "

Sharif said he did not comment on JIT's investment between the Qatari family and his father, but said it is clear when the time comes.

As for his Guardian report, which Avenfield apartments were purchased for Hassan and Hussain in 2000 when he studied in London, "My response is that sometimes these things are said because of lack of knowledge," he said.

As for the tremendous money that his son Hussein had produced, he said in a statement: "I have no problem with the fact that my son Hussein sent me money to present it as a gift or to present my gift to my daughter Maryam. Sent via bank channel. "

Here are the questions asked by the JIT and the Prime Minister's answers.

Q: I mentioned in your speech that all records related to Azizia and Gulf Steel are available, but later your attorney stated that there is no such record in the Supreme Court. Could you explain this contradiction?

A: I'm not sure. Maybe you left a record for the speaker, but I'm not sure about this.

Q: During the case of Gulf Steel and Azizia, I told the Supreme Court of Pakistan that I support all opinions submitted by Respondents 6, 7, and 8. Did you personally see what you submitted to the Supreme Court? Pakistan or your knowledge based on family discussion?

A: I have not seen any submissions, and knowledge is based on family discussions, but I support everything they submit.

Q: Are there any other documents besides the documents I brought today?

A: There are no more documents to produce. We have provided all the documents we already have.

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