Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Man kills Sister, Niece For ‘Honour’ In Lahore

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On Tuesday his sister and 15 - year - old daughter from Badami Bagh died for the day of honor.

Shahzad alias Mohammad Shahzad alias Shahzad alias Mohammad Shahzad alias Moah Shahzad alias Moah Shahzad alias Moah and his two unidentified accomplices were Sadaat Colony Said that he went to the house of his sister, Bushra (35). The suspects torture the woman and her daughter Noor Fiza and assume they killed them.

Suspects on motorcycles avoided the scene.

Police said two months ago her daughter also lived with her and that she was married to Zaheer Alam for the fourth time.

The police collected forensic evidence and recorded eyewitness statements.

The police moved the bodies from the corpse to register the case against three suspects for the complaint of the victim's husband, Zaheer Alam.

Aceem, a relative of the victim, told Dawn that the suspect had made a marriage contract with the man he had chosen and was angry with his brother.

He reserved the suspect why her daughter lived in the house of the stepfather.

City Division SP (Operation) Adil Memon told reporters that two women were killed for honor from their relatives.

He said he registered the murder case and added the 311st provision of the Pakistani Penal Code (PPC), making it impossible to mix.

An SP spokesman said the anti-honor bill was passed in parliament but that part has not yet been included in the PPC.

He added PPC section 311 to make the case unmixable and said family members could not forgive the perpetrator.

The Anti-Honor Murder and the Anti-Rape Act was passed on October 6, Even if the victim's family forgives them, according to the new law, the 'honor killer' will be sentenced. .

In the past two weeks, about five people, including four women, have been killed by relatives by the Hall of Fame. The Aurat Foundation report says more than 3,000 women have been honoredly killed in the last two and a half years.

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