Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Naseem Does Pakistan Proud By Capturing

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Naseem does Pakistan proud by capturing world U-18 snooker title

Pakistan's national team champion Mohammad Nasser Em Aktar (19, Russia) will meet in the finals of the World Diabetes Conference (IBSF) World U18 Snooker Championship at Financial Beijing on Tuesday, finishing in China's Peifan Lei,

Naseem attempted to defeat the three Chinese players believed to be dangerous and to expand the new charge.

He was surprised by 1 to 3 to win a huge victory against his opponent. The score is 20-62, 69-68, 37-71, 19-57, 127-6, 85-40, 61-37, 74-8.

He smashed 50 in the first frame and built a half-century break of 56 cents in the fifth frame.

Naseem became the first Pakistani curator to land the world U-18 title. His rapid rise is a real indicator that talent is not lacking in the country.

After his success, he starts as a favorite player to win the World U-21 and completes the double. The U-21 competition is scheduled to begin on Wednesday.

In the semi-final, Naseem defeated Amir Nadela of Israel 4-0 (74-19, 82-0, 90-21, 89-42) and played the title fight with Perrier Ray. He is divided into four quarters (70-42, 29-57, 23-72, 43-40, 76-13, 65-60).

Earlier, he scored 4-1 (4-16, 7-67, 91-37, 69-45, 63-67) with his team-mates and U-21 runners-up Harris Tahir. 24), and on Monday they packed the Austrian Florian Nebel 4-1 (62-67, 74-7, 86-29, 74-8, 72-21).

Meanwhile, Pakistan's billiards and snooker federations (PBSF) officials welcomed Naseem Akhtar's victory over China at the world U-18 snooker event.

Asphar Valika, spokesperson for PBSF, said: "Nathan's victory over the Chinese is highly regarded as one of the top countries in the Bayes game.

"Because he was barely exposed beneath his belt, Naseem showed a good tendency to use his opponent's table in 1-3 tables," he claimed.

He asked Naseem to acknowledge his achievements and reward him financially so that the government could bring more laurels in the future.

Most of the snooker players come from a poor financial environment and can be mentioned that the government should support it.

Naseem's co-chair of the performance "cool" PBSF Alamgir Shaikh said curators have demonstrated their true potential.

This is Naseem's second international appearance since Asian U-21 in Chandigarh earlier this year, he added in a short time, he made the mark.

Expressing "satisfaction," he said PBSF is producing a senior curator and a middle curator in addition to preparing a coaching session under the supervision of world champion Soheil Vahedi.

He asked Riaz Hussain Pirzada's District Coordinator for financial assistance to the chairman of the PSB.

result :
Mohammad Naseem Akhtar bt Peifan Lei (China) 5-3 (20-62, 69-68, 37-71, 19-57, 127-6, 85-40, 61-37, 74-8).

Mohammad Nassem Akhtar bt Amir Nadela (Israel) 4-0 (74-19, 82-0, 90-21, 89-42); Peifan Lei (China) bt Junjie Bo (China) 4-2 (70-42, 29-57, 23-72, 43-40, 76-13, 65-60).

Monday Results:

Mohammad Naseem Akhtar bt Florian Nuble (Austria) 4-1 (62-67, 74-7, 86-29, 74-8, 72-21).

Former Quarterfinal:

Mohammad Naseem Akhtar bt Haris Tahir 4-1 (72-16, 7-67, 91-37, 69-45, 63-24).

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