Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Ogra Rejects Rs10m Penalty Paid By Shell For Oil

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Ogra rejects Rs10m penalty paid by Shell for oil tanker tragedy

Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL) paid a $ 10 million penalty imposed by the oil and gas regulator (Ogra) for $ 215 on an oil transport accident near Ahmedpur East on Tuesday.

The payment was immediately rejected by the regulatory authorities, which also said that the Oil Marketing Company (OMC) was partially compliant with the order requiring the victims' families to pay the deaths of 1 million Rs and 5 million Rs of compensation.

"This is only partial compliance and we refused," said Imran Ghaznavi, spokesman.

He said payment of the fine would not be considered a full compliance with the order unless the oil company made the full compensation for the affected family by the prescribed deadline, Wednesday.

"Ogura will proceed according to rules and laws in case the company fails to make full compensation for the damaged family," he said.

Another official explained that Ogra does not comply with the order or cancels the marketing license if the law imposes an additional fine of Rs 10 million per day.

Earlier, the SPL said Ogra would pay a fine that it imposed to follow the regulator's instructions. However, the SPL is investigating the matter, adding that the company will decide on the appropriate course of action when the information is known and investigated.

The company "did not take responsibility", clearly recognizing that Ramadan was a tragedy that had a profound impact on the community as a holy month.

Accordingly, Pakistani authorities have said that Pakistani authorities will pay Ogra the payment requested by the authorities to provide medical assistance for the wounded and to extend humanitarian efforts to provide food and other relief to affected families.

In consultation with Ogra, the financial support has been able to reach the families who have been injured and their families properly and to work with appropriate relief agencies to provide immediate relief and discuss appropriate ways to cooperate with relevant authorities. Make sure the above help has reached the affected people.

"We look forward to working with regulators, emergency services and the oil and gas industry to improve safety standards and to bridge the gap between industry practices and regulatory standards," the SPL said.

On July 7, Ogura has ruled that the SPL is responsible for a total violation of the laws, rules and standards of transporting oil on the basis of a tragic accident on June 25th in eastern Ahmadpur on June 25th.

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