Tuesday, 11 July 2017

PM Has Lost Moral, Legal Grounds To Retain Office

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PM has lost moral, legal grounds to retain office  he must resign: Bilawal Bhutto

Bilpal Bhutto-Zardari, the PPP chairman, expressed support for the resignation of Prime Minister Nawas Sharif with the announcement of a report submitted to the Supreme Court by the Panamagate Joint Investigation Team (JIT) on Tuesday.

Bilawal, speaking at a news conference in Islamabad after the party's high-level talks, also said he should file a lawsuit against the prime minister. He added that the prime minister has lost all of his ethical and legal grounds to retain his prime minister.

"The Sharif family has told us that we are explaining for the last three generations," he said. "Instead, what we found is that the report looked at every family in the third generation as a thief."

"The rule of law must be equal for all. If there is a mention of a politician in Sind, his name is immediately put on the exit control list, but the rules for the Punjabi should not be changed constantly," he observes.

Asked whether the PPP would start a grassroots movement, the PPP chairman said his party is devising a future action plan and "considering all options".

Bilawal also said he told opposition leader Khurshid Shah to contact all opposition parties and to formulate a joint strategy on this issue.

Villa Walle spokesperson believes his party's victory will use the next general election every time PPP is "held" as a by-election on Sunday.

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