Wednesday, 12 July 2017

PML N Leader Terms JIT Report International

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PML-N leader terms JIT report international conspiracy

Senior PML-N officials spoke at a press conference Tuesday night to counter political pressure on the ruling party's spokesman. The heart of the PML-N's message is that the Supreme Court-approved Joint Investigation Team (JIT) who investigated the Sharif family business transaction submitted a deficiency report that could be raised in court. One has even reported this report as the result of a broad conspiracy, arguing that unknown actors - some of them being taken abroad. Treasury Secretary Ishaq Dar held a press conference with proposals for redemption to the parties involved. The Supreme Court has paid attention to the media reports on the case yesterday, and we all have to show patience," he said.

The JIT report is not final.

The copies contained in the report are not signed and are requested by the JIT itself to determine whether the Supreme Court has evidence.  The minister also pointed out that the report failed to prove Nawaz Sharif ownership of the overseas company. While our legal team is writing the report, I am working in front of you right now," the finance minister recalled. Dar once again spoke of his experience with JIT and found that on July 3, tax reimbursements from 1981-2002 were not made available to the team by the Federal Bureau of Revenue. I will take disciplinary action against those who do not provide you with the necessary documents and I will send you the papers." He claimed to have told JIT.

I informed the NAB that the taxation officer had seized the tax records from the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) after President Musharraf's coup d'etat." NAB said it was your agency and you should find it. I found my tax record and immediately made my return in 2003-7 on the same day.  At 8:55 pm, they were delivered to JIT and received a receipt," he claimed. The finance minister detailed the "enthusiasm" sent to the FBR by finding out old records at NAB's offices in Lahore and Islamabad. Dar began to contradict each of the conclusions of JIT after questioning him, arguing that his property could be tracked and that his statements were appreciated.

I challenge them to be reconciled to my last penny.

The Saad Rafique Railroad Minister heard his microphone by saying that JIT should have presented anything he had about each defendant to the defendants. Also read: PM's assets saw a 'huge impression' during their first term: JIT Report The basic rule of all investigations is that you must present anything about the defendant. The JIT report is based in part on some stories, and the rest is based on making mountains on Mole Hill," he said. I think one more thing, a JIT composed of six people, can not do much for 60 days, even 24 hours a day," Rafique said.

This was a well planned action, and it has been in production for the past year and a half," he insisted. Some of the characters in the Panama drama are pulling strings from outside Pakistan. Rafique later found out that when Nawaz Sharif decided to go for a nuclear explosion he paid for it and likewise when he decided on the "Pakistan Pakistan Economic Corridor" his "international conspiracy" We will pay for it, but some powers do not like it. Someday the game will unfold and we will fight against legitimate battles and political battles.

He also noted that PPP should "see his charpayi" before the party begins to talk about corruption, which promotes false behavior and public perception of wrongful advocacy by Asif Ali Zardari. did. Beginning with Imran Khan, Lafik claimed that Pakistani President Tehreek-i-Insaf has received foreign funds and has not yet explained it to the Election Commission.

I have been speaking since childhood, and I will continue to do so, Lafi said in a clear statement from the Supreme Court, which recently submitted a spokesperson for the Supreme Court. I ask to notify the Supreme Court of the speech of PPP's Aitzaz Ahsan, [PTI's] Imran Khan and [AML's] Sheikh Rashid," he added.

Barrister Zafarullah took a microphone next to "clear the air" for Maryi Nawaz's use of the Calibri font. This font was published for public use for one year after the document was written in JIT's damaged documents.

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