Tuesday, 11 July 2017

PML-N Representatives Continue Tirade

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PML-N representatives continue tirade against JIT, political opponents

The day after the Panamagate Joint Investigation Team (JIT) submitted a report on the financial history of the Sharif family to the Supreme Court (SC), the front man of the PML-N continued to raise objections to the investigation and its opponents.

Talal Chaudhary, Danyal Aziz, and Hanif Abbasi threatened actions against Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed in a media talks Tuesday, expressing concerns about the JIT report in turn.

Talal Chow Wood Hari
"Imran Khan, we came to the point that we need to inform the world that your father has been dissolved in his work on corruption." Chaudhary said while driving the gun to the PTI chairman.

He said, "I want you to say that Imran went to study the money. You bought an apartment abroad with that money, and you bought the property only because your father had money through corruption."

"PML-N will let the government go when the JIT of 16 million citizens tells us that we should go home, otherwise we are here to prove your claim and to stand here," said Chaudhary. He repeated the party 's position on the allegation. Report contents

In response to SC's request for a copy of the statement from the PML-N leaders, he said, "We are pleased to submit the speech and transcripts in honor of the Supreme Court, but in the end, "He said.

"Sheikh Rasheed will defend everything he says about JIT, and how do you explain his opinion on butchers and butchers," he added.

"How does Imran Khan confess his judgment of the client of judgment?"

Chaudhary said, "Everything we say has been responded to by Khan, Rasheed and their people when we need to defend our view," Chaudhary argued.

This notice has been forwarded to media outlets in connection with reporting on the JIT's final report and states that "all channels and all reporters, not just one channel, must file a complaint with the JIT in the manner reported by JIT. I was able to approach my life personally and sit under the chair. "

Chaudhary discussed the behavior of the parties, saying, "The JIT report has many flaws and will carry out post-analysis of this report on the SC. We will bring the flaws to the fore, but we will do it politely Keep the sanctity of the court intact. "

Daniya Aziz
Aziz said about the number of JIT members that 10 of the JIT members were publicly captivated, "I will say the same thing I did yesterday." The amount that I wanted to keep secret proves to be incomplete.

"The report had to be submitted on July 4, saying that JIT was given additional time and lied to the TV and the public and did not spend extra time,

"I say they will include the weekend for several days, but I know that they have had additional time, no matter how they try and defend," he accused.

This is the first time that Aziz has raised questions about the integrity of JIT, saying that "some of the reports that weight anti-government narratives are leaked and others are safe."

"You know that [JIT] is talking about it and it's evidence, but if you know a little bit about the law, you know that this story has no real value."

"From Book 1 to Book 5, there is only a flaw in the letter of former Qatari Prime Minister, but after his assertion, Qatari's former prime minister did not take it.

Hanif Abbahi
"We need to bring Imam Khan to court and tell him what money was going to Oxford," said a spokesman for Abbas.

Dr. Khan submitted the document to the ECP, why does he lie to the TV because he has no traces left and it turns out that he is trying to procure? He added.

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