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SC Asks Imran To Prove Source Of Money For London Flat

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SC Asks Imran To Prove Source Of Money For London Flat

Kerry Francis Packer, founder of World Series Cricket, helped Jimmy Khan of Pakistan's Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) purchase an apartment on Tuesday, To pay for the document. 1983 London.

Three judges called for Naeem Bokhari, the chief aide to represent the PTI chairman. He proved that there was no document proving that the plane was purchased with the money provided by the Australian media conglomerate who founded Khan's cricket series. I played for a while.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar pointed to Hanif Abbasi, a bench that resumed petitions seeking disqualification of Khan and PTI Secretary General Jahangir Khan Tareen, "the correlation of income earned abroad should be proven." PML-N leaders are seeking to disqualify their assets, the presence of foreign companies, and disqualification of foreign support members.

Hearing of Honib Abbsi's petition demanding disqualification of PTI chairman

Khan used his tax amnesty plan announced by the Musharraf government in 2000 to reveal ownership of his London flat and overseas company Niazi Services Limited (NSL).

Bokhari told the court that the payment from Mr. Packer was mentioned in documents filed by Anwar Mansoor's attorney. He wanted the court to know how Khan had collected money in London when he had no civil servants in Pakistan, and his disclosure was accepted, and there were no questions raised by the tax authorities.

Umar Ata Bandial, a bench judge, asked a lawyer to read the 2012 Abdul Aziz Memorandum case. He then emphasized that the individual is not the owner of the civil servant.

In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that the person who owns assets exceeding the known income source is corrupt.

Senator Muhammad Akram Sheikh, who represents the petitioner, told the court that the scope of amnesty in 2000 addressed only tax liabilities and that the virtues of Sadiq and Ameen in Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution Elected representatives or all citizens.

The court also went abroad without informing of the general recess until August 15, but complained about the absence of Mansu.

The chief justice informed the court that he would return on July 21, but regretted that he had sought a recess until August 15.

Chief Justice Bokhari told the court that Mr. Instead of Mansoor, he told Khan to let him know who would represent the PTI.

Bokhari explained that although Mansoor answered the response of the Pakistan Election Commission (ECP), the chief justice found out that he had to contest the case.

The Faisal Arab judge also said that this was not happening in the trial court and that the counselor should not take casual action.

The Arab judge asked if the Pakistani Cricket Board had paid Khan the cost of taxation, but at that time the cricket players did not play much compared to nowadays, but his older brother played Rs15 a day for PCB regeneration.

In the course of the trial, Chief Justice Bandier also wondered why taxpayers should be punished if the non-claimant could easily escape.

"That's why no one wants to get tax deductions," the judge said.

After acknowledging that Bokhari is not proficient in tax law, Asim Zulfikar, a certified public accountant who assisted the court, said the taxpayers could ask the tax authorities to file a 10-year return. The procedure can be started later.

President Zulpari also acknowledged that honest taxpayers should pay 35 percent, but the amnesty system has eliminated all tax liabilities and waived property tax requirements.

He explained that Pakistani residents who stayed in Pakistan for 183 days of 365 days a year would have to pay taxes on income earned at home and abroad, while non-residents would only pay taxes. Income earned here.

Referring to Advocate Ibrahim Satti, who appeared on behalf of the ECP, Vice-President Vandiar argued that when the Commission brought in individuals at the age of twenty, they were forced to raise suspicions of discrimination and to create games on an equal footing.

"ECP can not rely on some organizations to pay attention to foreign government funding or improper donations," he said again over the past few years that ECP was asleep.

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