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Speculations About PM’s Successor: Shahbaz Seems To

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Speculations about PM’s successor: Shahbaz seems to tread cautiously

Shabab Sharif The focus was on Prime Minister Shunbaz Sharif of Punjab. He discussed the situation of the Joint Investigation Group (JIT) report, attending a loyal and political meeting under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Shahbaz, who is believed to have avoided prosecution in the JIT report, is a big Sharif out of criticism of the family where antagonists and media analysts are released. He is now being reinforced as an "important player" in the Sharif family when the prime minister and his children make a dispute in the case of the Panamanian newspaper.

Shahbaz Sharif treats cards very carefully. He stood with his brother at a time of crisis and at the same time he had contact with important people. "Says PML-N leader who will remain anonymous with his political interests.

"There was a lot of discussion about the possibility that Shabaz would replace Nawat if Shawas disqualified Nabaroz, who would be responsible for Punjab if Shahbaz was moved to the center. Even if you plan to go higher in the center, you will never loose Punjab, but you will have to do a lot of maneuvering to keep Punjab safe, says his son Hamza Shahbaz.

"But the big question is whether the PML-N leadership blindly trusts Shahbaz and allows him to play a role in the center in the absence of Nawaz or to choose someone else in the party (until 2018, If you need elections in the year, or do you have other choices, "he says.

According to one legal point of view, Shahbaz is approaching a lawyer who can be defamed to protect the Nawaz Sharif and openly challenge the judiciary, and is taking a cautious path to protect Nawaz and his children. Foreign equity revealed by the Panamanian newspaper.

Shahbaz and Hamza accompanied Nawaz to the complex in Islamabad, where JIT quizzed the prime minister. But Punjab and his son did not accompany Maryam, Hussain or Hasan in the same place before JIT.

"Shahbaz and Hamza will not be at the forefront this time to defend the prime minister and his children on charges of equaling them through JIT reports," PML-N leader said, referring to the political movements.

Malik Ahmad Khan, a Punjab government spokesman, shrugged off the impression that Shahbaz Sharif was "quiet" after the JIT report was submitted to the Supreme Court. "There is no truth in the impression that the pastor does not publicly defend his brother. The Sharif family will fight against this incident and succeed.

PML-N quickly dismisses the disagreement between Nawaz and Shahbaz's family. There was a series of rebutts as Sharif's magnificent old house followed rumors of some sort of disagreement about the successors of the current leadership. But speculation continued, and the latest JIT prosecution

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