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Vehicles Carrying Chinese Nationals Be fFtted

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Vehicles carrying Chinese nationals be fitted with jammers: CM

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah instructed the Police Department to provide proper security to the Chinese performing CPEC-related projects and to install jamming in vehicles when moving from one area to another.

He also emphasized the need to equip the Islamic nat airport with warfare so that the Chinese people can travel to the air. The runway was ready, but other facilities, such as installing lights along the runway, installing a control tower, completing the building, and developing a communication system, are not yet complete. Shah asked his chief secretary to arrive early to the Civil Aviation Authority.

He held a meeting on the safety of Chinese citizens working in CPEC and other projects, he said. The meeting was attended by Chinese Consul General in Karachi, Interior Minister Shazid Parvez, Chief Executive Officer CM Sohail Rajput, President Karachi Mushtaq Maher, and DIG.

Sind Police Inspector A.D. Kohwah was noticed by his absence.

The prime minister said there are nine CPEC projects in Sindh and seven studies on 744 Chinese workers are underway. The project and their labor force, especially China, were generally very important for the development of the state and Sindh. They must have the security guarantees determined at the start of the CPEC project.

Briefing on Sindh's CPEC-related projects and security measures for other projects

The Interior Secretary said in a briefing on the 7 CPEC projects that 3,044 well trained police officers led by military security devices were deployed for Chinese security.

He added that the eighth project on the NTDC transmission line from Matiari to Lahore began with the participation of 15 Chinese citizens. "We offered them 65 security personnel," he said.

Koizumi asked the Home Secretary about security measures for 1,971 Chinese people engaged in 137 non - CPEC projects in the province. The Interior Secretary said 1,373 people were deployed for security reasons.

Special protective equipment
Karachi's additional IG said the Sindh police have approved a special protection department (SPU) with the approval of the minister to maintain effective security response and avoid threats to the Chinese people working on the CPEC project. He claimed that the total number of SPU licenses was 2,662, of which 1,349 were employed, while 1,313 were vacant.

SPU Amin Yousufzai's DIG said nine projects have expanded to 11, including coal-based power plants in Karachi, an open-air mine power plant in Thar Block-II, and coal-based power plants in Block-I. Thatta's wind power projects, the highway from Ghotki to Sukkur, the NTDC transmission line from Matiari to Faisalabad and Matiari to Lahore, and the railway line from Karachi to Peshawar.

He said about the security device, Port Qasim's coal-based power plant had 563 personnel, including 30 army officers, 193 SPUs, 149 Rangers, 17 FCs, 17 policemen and 157 private security guards said. Likewise, Block-II's Thar project has 413 personnel and 46 personnel have been deployed in the Thar Power Project Block-I. He added that 555 people were deployed to secure the four wind farm projects in the Thatta area.

The DIG said the 1,127 NTDC transmission lines, 126 km long from Sukkur to Ghotki, were deployed. 76 personnel from Matiari to Lahore / Faisalabad were deployed for Chinese security. The 548km railway line extending from Karachi to Peshawar had 75 people on the Sindh line.

Following the recommendation of the Sindh-Engro Coal Mining Company, the Chief Minister directed his chief secretary to cooperate with the CAA to expedite the Islamkot airport.

Since the minister asserted that CPEC is the lifeline of the national economy, the project undertaken under it must be given ownership of every person in the state. "There are some immoral factors that are creating some problems, but they will never succeed," he said.

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