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We Asked The Creator Of Calibri To Weigh In On

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We asked the creator of Calibri to weigh in on the JIT debate

Queries sent to de Groot via his company LucasFonts were answered by Lieselotte Schäfer, company representative.

"As we discussed with Lucas, we can tell you about the Calibri launch date: Lucas started the Calibri design in 2002 and sent the final source file to Microsoft before March 2004.

LucasFont has released a beta version of the Microsoft Vista operating system, codenamed Longhorn, but LucasFont says, "The initial Windows Beta is a programmer and tech monster that has some effect, "

"There would have been a serious effort that would have been achieved if the file size of such an operating system grew," he added. The beta version of this software is likely to raise questions about whether the draft was used by the drafting person. To Maryam Nawaz.

"As far as I know, the first public beta of Calibri was published in 2006. The exact date of this release date is unknown, but it is almost impossible to copy fonts in the [beta] environment. "He added.

According to the Wikipedia entry, the first public beta version was released on June 6, 2006, four months after Maryam Nawaz signed it.

The statement of LucasFont weighs because the beta version of the software is incomplete and the testing phase. Only people with special interests in computer software usually subscribe to their use. This is because we have a number of undiscovered flaws that can potentially stop us at any time.

"Office 2007 was officially the first product to use Calibri on a large scale," email continues. On November 30, 2006, Volume Licensing customers (resellers) became available and became retail on January 30, 2007, the same as the release date of Windows Vista. "

A separate email, de Groot (font designer), theoretically said that although Calibri could be used to create documents in 2006, the fonts should come from the beta operating system. Computer Odd ".

"Why are you using fonts that are not completely known in 2006 for official documents?" He kept asking questions.

"If you are a font enthusiast who uses Calibri to use the new Calibri, you should be able to prove that another document was printed in Calibri in 2006," he wrote.

De Groot thought that the document signed by Maryam Nawaz was "much later when Calibri was the default font in MS Word."

Forensic experts involved in the JIT were basically the same reasoning that was not used in the official document in 2006 because they were not publicly available before January 31, 2007, but fonts were circulated before and doubts about Maryam Nawaz I had no choice.

Among them was Barrister Zafarullah Khan, who seemed to mock the opinions of forensic experts Tuesday night at a press conference. In his brief conversation, Khan scoffed at those who insisted, "Find Google and confirm what was announced in August 2004".

There were indications that the Wikipedia entry for the Calibri font was repeatedly changed to reflect a similar claim until Wikipedia itself until July 18, or until "Editorial disputes were resolved" until Wikipedia itself pending editing.

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